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The IoT Network is EXTREMELY valuable and will eventually produce hundreds of BILLIONS in profit. However, it requires a few million hotspot locations throughout the world in order to reach its potential. That's where you come in.

A great example would be cellphone towers: You may have heard cellphone companies bragging about having "the best coverage". The more cell towers — the better the coverage. What you may not know is that they often sign multi-decade contracts with people or businesses who allow them to put those cell towers on their property. Some of those people receive as much as $10K per month! The cellphone company paid for the tower, the people just supplied the location.

Your free hotspot is similar to a cell tower arrangement, but instead of a tower it is a very small energy effecient device that you put in your house or office. You get paid for providing coverage, a.k.a. proof-of-coverage. The good news is that it's still early and you've found the one place that is funded (Google Ventures) and ready to pay you.

Earn when you plug it in.
People usually earn between $50 and $500 per month once they plug-in their 100% free hotspot. Your location and the location of other hotspots around it determines how effective your hotspot is at communicating with the network. In turn, the effectiveness of your hotspot determines how much you earn.

Earn by giving away free hotspots.
Simply refer people to your FREE customized version of this website and earn additional income when the people your refer plug-in their free hotspots. The website will do all the work for you and you'll be extremely rewarded for helping grow the network. The system can produce a realistic $100k income for all those who rs.

Earn by qualifying for infinity pay.
Refer more than five people and you will qualify for INFINITY coded pay. Infinity pay can quickly 100x your income.

Helium Token, known as HNT, is how Hotspot Hosts are compensated for building out the Network. It is your reward for being an active, critical participant for the Network's proof-of-coverage. And, in the not so distant future, you will receive further compensation for the use of your piece of the network when IoT devices engage with it.

  Cash Out/Cash In!  
Although you can trade your HNT for USD/cash within moments of receiving it, the value of HNT has risen dramatically this year and many expect it to keep climbing in value over the months and years to come. So, whatever you don't spend today, could be worth much more in the future.

Below is a live ticker that shows the current value of HNT:
Note: Click HNT logo in chart below to reveal more details.

The Hotspot is a Long Range (LoRa) unit that relays data for the "Internet of Things" (IoT).

IoT Devices are things like: pet trackers, emergency health monitors, temperature sensors, smart thermostats, eBikes, eScooters, and much more. These devices tend to send small amounts of encrypted data every few minutes and often need reliable pin-point location accuracy. The Helium Network via Hotspot technology delivers this much needed and vital LoRa wireless coverage.
Yes, it is secure & risk free:
We use end-to-end, chip-level encryption to secure our devices. No security incidents have been reported from any of our hosts. In addition to this:

• Only authorized IoT devices can connect. (You can’t even connect to your own hotspot.)

• Hotspots don’t have any listening devices or cameras, so your privacy is always ensured. There is zero access to any of your data on your network.

• The encrypted data is secure on multiple layers of hardware and software, providing maximum security and complete protection from inbound port attacks.

Security of networks is our highest priority. Please refer to this Network Security Overview for information on what we do to keep the Helium Network safe and protected.
As of July 2021 over 100,000 people are actively building the Helium Network. View the current number here. Much like the historic land rush of 1889, there is extreme value in staking your claim in the Helium Network. Space is limited, but now with Helium and the iHub Network your ability to profit is virtually unlimited.
There's virtually nothing else to do. Seriously.
Once your hotspot is plugged-in and added to the network via your free Helium phone app, it requires little to no maintenance.
The Hotspot uses data to:
1. Maintain a view of the global Helium Network.
2. Send and receive data packets for sensors/IoT devices that are in range and using your piece of the Helium Network.

It does NOT affect the quality of your internet. The total amount of data usage is extremely small and will never affect your network quality. It uses nearly zero data compared to other common devices you may use that usually consume hundreds of gigs per month.
In the average US state, the total power cost of running an iHub Hotspot is roughly just $7 for a FULL YEAR. The Hotspot uses a very small amount of power; roughly 5W at peak. This is less than a standard LED light bulb. Even in a city like San Francisco, it will cost you less than five cents a day.

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